Monday, April 20, 2009

Cycling intervals

So I got out and about yesterday and did some real training. 9 miles at an 8 minute / mile pace. I felt pretty good and the exercise did make me feel better. But I could tell that I was still under the weather. I am not a nap kind of person – it can be difficult for me to lie down in the afternoon. I get stir crazy. I stare at the walls and have to get moving.

Well, yesterday I relaxed for a little bit after lunch and took a 3 hour nap. I was out like a light. Even after I woke up I was still tired. I was lethargic most of the evening.

I was gratified to have completed a day in the new training plan. I have made it a goal to follow this new training plan as close as possible. I always tend to add too much – fun stuff like going for an extra bike ride with the group or doing a few extra intervals – you know – just getting caught up in the fun of it.

Today called for a 45 minute interval session on the bike and a 35 minute run later in the day. I set out my cycling gear and was glad to see the sun up at 6AM. The intervals were hard – 10 x 1 minute with 2 minute recovery. Man – some of those minutes seemed to last forever!
The time off – even though ill – has made me excited again about training.

As a side note - I have done those running and cycling exercises to see your sweat rate - you weight before and after and take into account how much you drank. I should have done this during those cycling intervals this morning just to determine my expectorant rate! Yuk. Who knew so much mucus could be expelled in 45 minutes!


Kristin said...

I did a sweat rate test for my IMNO nutrition plan. Good stuff. Not sure about the expectorant rate :) Re: the BT widget, I have mine sized way smaller than yours, but my blog is narrower. How did you get your layout full screen?

Missy said...

That's why I love a good workout..hack it all up and get the goo out. Nice work. I have to believe it helps!