Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Episode IV – A New Hope

I felt better yesterday afternoon and I get an ‘A’ for effort. I actually made it back to the gym after work to complete my swim workout. However, there is no lap swim at 5PM on Tuesday and Thursday – SMACK. So I just hopped on the bike and rode home. The effort was a little higher than I would have liked.

I had a nice evening and started to organize morning group activities. I sent the call out – a lot of people are still busy with school being still in session. But Tony was up for a swim. I asked him what the temperature of the lake was and he said that wetsuits were not allowed! I thought to myself – he is a bigger man than me. I gathered all of my gear up prior to bed so that I would not be stumbling around in the dark.

The sun was up by 5:45AM (good times) and I had my coffee and put on my wetsuit. I’m no fool. Got to Tony’s house and he was wearing a wetsuit also – nice joke. When we got in my feet were cold – not freezing – just cold. Tony put in a small beach during the off season – that was nice in the feet. After swimming for just a few minutes the temperature was near perfect. We swam across the lake. Man I wish I could swim straight – I’m working on it. I might be just a little faster than Tony but the zigzagging negates much of that. I started to swim next to Tony and sight off of him. This was much easier. I then decided to draft off of him. It made a big difference! I would swim in his draft and then swim out of his draft. While in the draft I really had to slow my stroke down – I had to add a lot more glide. It was like I was coasting. The next race I think I will really try to get on someone’s feet. Without losing all of the momentum with sighting and the efficiencies of drafting – well – if I can pull this off…

Tony went ahead and signed up for the Gulf Coast Half in Panama Beach on May6th – tempting – Sam, Chris, and Mike and now Tony and several more will be there. Speaking of Sam – he won the Mullet Man Triathlon (I love the name of this race – they also have a Mullet parade and a Mullet toss – FYI – it is a fish) in Pensacola last weekend. He got 5th last year and just keeps getting faster.

Finished up with the just under a mile swim and it was still early. I was going to drive to work but since I had time I went home and put my gear away and jumped on the bike. A nice 6 mile trip and shower at the gym.

I have a run at lunch and have organized the Tuesday / Thursday morning ride again. I love this time of year.

I know that I will not lose my fitness being sick - I'm just frustrated - I'm just not very good at being sick. I'm the guy who says feel my forehead and regardless of the temperature I want you to say - "Wow - that is so hot - I don't know how you could ever endure this - you are so strong - can I get you anything?" I then say - meekly, "No - I'm fine - I'll be okay". As you start to leave the room - "Maybe some ice cream would be good." It is just a damn good thing that I am not sick very often - I go years and years with nothing - Knock on wood.

On the illness front – not 100 percent but much better.


Missy said...

I'm very sad that I'm missing Gulf Coast this year! I've done it the last three years, I think. Wayyy fun, great race. Loads of people.

Marci said...

No one is good at being sick... just sit tight and let it pass. Then sooner than you think you'll be back at it 100 percent!