Sunday, June 28, 2009

Distance pool swimming

Friday was a scheduled day off but I had a swim to get in – and I decided to make it a good long endurance swim. I got it into my mind to test my 1000 yard speed. I’m not sure why but my swim has been clicking and I have felt a little bit faster and the swim has felt a little bit easier. That is what I want it to feel like. I planned on doing 4 x 1000 yard repeats with about 30 seconds rest.

Well the rest intervals just didn’t work out. Most were about 45 seconds and one was 3 ½ minutes – I got to chatting with Chris. Chris is taking a class this summer and we got to talking about a test. Don’t get me wrong - I am pretty social but the chatting cost me on the last interval. I was trying to finish but the 1000 yards while they were pulling the lane lines. Lap swim was over and they were about to but the pool splitter line in cutting off the deep end from the shallow end. I had to pull up short on the swim and the last set was only 800 yards. Still – one of my sets was a personal record by several seconds (previous best was 15:57) – and they were pretty easy.

1000 - 15:52 (1:35/100)
1000 - 15:49 (1:35/100)
1000 - 16:05 (1:36/100)
0800 - 13:15 (1:39/100)

I ran into Jim while leaving the Payne Center and we discussed plans for a Saturday mini triathlon. Not race intensity but all three disciplines. We had worked out the logistics and I was pleased to tag along.


Ron said...

dam dude, nice work. What is your swim pace goal for the next race you are doing?

Kristin said...

Impressive swim! I just did my first big distance pool swim and it's definitely tough. I had the chance to do it in a 50m pool, but won't get that back in NYC.