Friday, June 19, 2009

Travel Day

I arrived at Jackson Station at 5:45 AM. JD and Ben were unloading their bikes. Robin showed up on bike. Lance was a no show for this ride. It looked like we all had some trouble getting out of bed! I had just rolled out of bed – no coffee or anything. Not much talking this morning but we started out. I was following JD and Ben.

JD took us out at a good pace and I took over at Clyde. I patted my butt at the Beaver Pond to indicate that I was ready for someone else to take a pull. JD rode up next to me and it was just us. He took over the pull until Epley. I circled around at Epley for the Robin and Ben for just a minute or so – and then Robin was there. JD and I followed Robin out towards Sumrall. JD and I had been trading pulls at a fast pace and having fun. At the turn around we headed back up the Sumrall hill. To work on strength I decided to stand out of the saddle for the 1 ¼ up the hill. I dropped into my hardest gear and just churned out the distance. This was tough work. I paced JD going up the hill and saw Ben turn around a little bit in front of me. I then passed Ben and continued up the hill. At the top of the hill I was spent. JD and Ben stormed past me and I just tried to hang on.

We all traded pulls the rest of the way back to Jackson Station – it was one heck of an early morning ride. It was also the only exercise I got for the day.