Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ironman pacing

Only very minor back pain remains! I went on the morning group ride on Tuesday. We had a good turnout but we really did not all ride together. I was riding in a narrow heart rate range – just testing out my ironman pacing. The range was 20 beats per minute less than my ½ ironman pace and about 30 beats per minute less than my average on my last triathlon (27.5 miles). I was expecting the pace to feel easy. While it was not hard it sure was not easy. I am going to re-evaluate my ironman pacing for the next few weeks. I really want the bike to be easy. I have read so many stories about killing the bike to just walk 5, 10 or 20 miles of the run. As the saying goes, I would much rather have an easy bike and have the entire marathon to make of time than have a wonderful bike and suffer the run. I ended up with 20 miles in just over an hour.

At lunch Jim and I braved the heat. It was so damn hot and humid – about 15 degrees warmer here than KY. Jim and I discussed the ironman – special needs, eating, drinking, etc. I finished up with 5.6 miles (I had a little warm-up ½ mile waiting for Jim). We were soaked – I mean, my shoes were soaking wet when we were done. That does not usually happen on such a short run. An extra pair or two of socks will be in my special needs bag – maybe even an extra pair of shoes.

After work we had a good group of cyclist – Charles, Terry L., Dawn and Jim. It was still hot but the little bits of shade helped. Again, I decided to test my ironman pacing. It was a lot easier this time – but still not easy. We arrived at Eply Station and turned right onto Eply road. This is a rolling hilly road that is about 5 miles until the turn around. Going out I was easily maintaining 30 + MPH on the down hills – but you have to turn around and ride right back up them. The cassette on my training wheels is a 12 – 23. My race wheels have a 12 – 25 cassette. I have been thinking about getting a 12 -27 for the hills in KY. The last hill coming back to Eply Station is not huge but I was forced to drop into my small crank and spin up the hill – this was to keep my heart rate in the zone. I mentioned wanting to get a new cassette just for KY to Jim and Terry said that he has a 12 -27 and that I was welcome to borrow it. It is good to have friends. This is exactly what I am hoping for with a multisport club – we all have gear around the house that others can use – if we can tap the collective everyone will benefit!

Speaking of hills – I have noticed that it is much easier to climb on my road bike. I am contemplating putting my extra aero bars and race wheels on my road bike just to see if it is the best option. I know that my race bike is faster and the 78 degree seat angle might save my legs more – but with this long of a race comfort and ease might trump speed. Not sure on this one.


Missy said...

...actually they're more 21-22 race guys.

Missy said...

I put an old pair of my shoes in my special needs bag. The thing about special needs is that you can't expect to get any of it back. I packed socks AND shoes - just in case. I had some family camped out near the special needs run portion and just handed them my bag (so I didn't lose my shoes).

I had friends that rode the IMKY course last weekend (for the second time), as you know, it's NO joke. They are very strong cyclists and they were also rethinking their bike pacing. They don't want to get caught in the death march. They're normally 20-21mph race guys (for halfs) but they're thinking that 18-19 might be all that they can take. Game day conditions will play a huge part. Oh, they all rode their TT bikes too.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

What's the dog situation on Epley Rd. I would like to run it sometime, but I have been scared to try it for fear of dogs. Did you go from Epley, all the way to Hwy 42?