Saturday, August 29, 2009

T - minus 19 hours

I met super fast blogger Ryan at an iAmTRI get together on Friday night just before the ‘welcome’ dinner. He is going to tear the race up!

The dinner was fun - I met up with Jim and we enjoyed the show – quite a bit of Ford advertisements – no big deal.

I got up and had breakfast at the hotel and then jogged down to the practice swim. The water looked fine. The buoys were already set up for the race – it really did not look that bad – sure I couldn’t see the entire course - but I had none of the fears like I did at New Orleans. Now that swim looked far!

They allowed for us to swim upstream towards one of the bridges and then back to the start. It was about 700 yards (maybe meters - I don't know what they said). I timed the out and back to get an idea of the current. It took me 15:43 to go out and only 10:04 to come back. That is a pretty big difference. Assuming 4200 yards and assumming that the against the current is only 700 yards for the race (for easy math) then 5 sections with the current at 10 minutes a section and 1 section against the current for 16 minutes - then the total swim time is 1:06. That seems pretty quick to me. I'll know tomorrow.

Less than 19 hours to go – pretty excited here in Louisville!