Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still recovering

I’m still getting up early but I am not getting the 6 – 8 mile runs in or the 28 mile bike rides in before work. My legs feel fine – no aches or pains. On Wednesday I did a workout class up at the Payne Center – Ab – BOSU – lutely and then did a short swim. The abs workout was good. It incorporated all of my usual core workout but when we got to the ‘bicycles’ and leg lifts – that is where I could tell that the legs are still fatigued. I can normally do the bicycle like nobody’s business but man were they tough.

The abs survived the 30 minute class but the legs did not. In the pool I just went through the paces. Nothing much but it felt good. It was an easy swim just too fill up the hour of exercise.

Later that night I did start to feel the abs – they were tight and sore. Also, from the little bit of strength training that I did on Tuesday the back was lit up all night. This is a good muscle soreness that I welcome. I am excited about the strength training this fall. Strength training is really an area that I enjoy but I had to let it go most of the spring and all of the summer. I was just not recovering after the ironman training sessions. It is time to drop some body fat and put some mass on – maybe. I have such trouble putting on mass. It is funny, I can gain strength pretty easily but the mass just does not develop.

I am getting excited to run a bit more this fall. This is the area that improved the least since last year – don’t get me wrong – it did improve but the swimming and cycling improved more.

Back to the recovery front – I am feeling better – in fact I do not feel bad at all – I am not tired or fatigued or sore – but I have been going to bed a little earlier. I think my body just needs the rest.


Mel-2nd Chances said...

continue celebrating your victory and achievement, and enjoy the rest :)

Kristin said...

I'd say you need - and deserve - the rest, enjoy it!