Friday, March 19, 2010

packing and loading - with some fun thrown in

Remember, I am still in Austin helping my sister and her family pack up the house to move to Australia.  In between the packing, boxing and loading (we are taking a load of furniture to my Dad'd house) I have managed to get in about 4 runs.  This is Ausitn and it is the hill country.  The runs have been solid.  Also, we have been able to take a few breaks and go to the gym.  I had a good swim session consisting of a warm up / cool down with a 10 x 100 meters working set.  In addition, I was swimming with my brother-in-law who is a bit faster than me.  This always makes me work harder.  I also played around and practiced drafting off of him.  It is amazing how much of a difference that can make.  I would lose him in the turns and have to go all out to catch back up and them I could sit in his wake.  Another turn and all out once again.  These were great intervals with in the intervals.

We went rock climbing last night - just my brother-in-law, my nephew Dan (5 years old) and me.  We climbed for more than a hour.  Now, that is a heck of a workout. As always it is more of an upper body workout than it should be but fun was had by all.  After the shower and a quick visit to the steam room it was back home to more packing.


Anonymous said...

Nice up-skirt shot there James!

Aimee said...

It sounds like you're having a good trip. Way to get in some runs and swims while away! Rock climbing looked fun, but you're right, it is a totally different workout!

Ryan said...

James CONGRATS on BQ'ing!

Now you just need to run that fast at an IM event an you'll be visiting the Big Island in Hawaii.

Well Done!