Friday, May 21, 2010

Cheers & Jeers – Strong running, Strong swimming

Cheers Continued solid running - group intervals sessions (last week and this week and the week before). 12 x quarter miles at < 1:25. The rest interval dropped to 60 seconds and the temperature and humidity through the roof. SOLID!

Jeers More of the same - Tough tempo runs. The effort has been there but the pace dropped. The heat is a factor.

Cheers - The same tempo run was also a huge success. I did not stop or let up in effort. IT was a great LT run. One of my best ever. I just wish the pace had been a little faster. Running in the heat of the day will make me a beast!

Jeers I did not make any of the group rides. I HAVE to fit at least one into my workout schedule.

Cheers Good solid swim sessions. I did 100 yard repeats that kept on pace - all 10 of them. I also did an easy 1500 yard set that rivaled some of last years time trials. The swimming is easier and faster - without even trying!

Jeers I won't get any biking in this weekend.

Cheers Going to see my dad this weekend. I will bring lots of plants back for the yard! And I will get a strong hill run.

Cheers I am taking a CPR class at the fitness center this afternoon. Only $10 bucks!

Jeers While I hate the fact that doping is in cycling (actually doping is in all sports - cycling just happens to check), whenever someone comes clean they shoot the messenger. If you want a clean sport you throw out the franchise that allows the doping. Follow the money.

Cheers I set a new MAX reps for the 70 percent bench press. The press and run race is next Friday!