Thursday, May 20, 2010

Goal setting - a couple more points

I forgot a couple of other important points to setting goals. These work particularly well for me.

I am a data junky. I measure things. I write things down. Now I usually do not actually go back and run statistics on the data but the act of writing the numbers down keeps me on task. For example, I weigh myself every morning and write it down. I have been doing this for nearly 10 years. I started doing this when my weight was an issue. But, writing it down each morning keeps me honest with my weight. It is a reminder. It also makes it less likely that I will over indulge – I have to step up to the scale the next morning and the number gets recorded. No if ands or buts – the numbers don’t lie (although they can fluctuate wildly).

The act of measuring (and recording) will allow you to make better decisions – like it or not. Want to eat better. Start a food journal. If you are honest and write everything down you will be much less likely to grab a few pieces of candy out of the receptionists jar. It causes you to have personal accountability for your actions.

And speaking of accountability, tell the world of your goals. Lay it all out for your friends and family. The people around you will give you support and they will also let you know when you slip up.

I know so many people that say that they have goals but they keep them to themselves. Why? Keeping their goals hidden just provides an out. Are they afraid of failure or success? Jon Berghoff uses the phrase "Leverage your Integrity." He elaborates, "Public commitment closes the door on backing down, giving up or delaying of a dream."

If my goals are not written down and declared they are just wishes – lottery tickets if you will.


Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Great reminders!

Caratunk Girl said...

A timely reminder for me! I was thinking tonight about things I need to do to drop 10 lbs to get to race weight for Timberman HIM - I just added to the list start a food journal. Thanks for that! :)

Matty O said...

I agree with telling the world. You are holding yourself accountable and have to answer to every person that asks you, "What happened to your goal?".

I am a data nut too, I love statistics especially on my workouts :)

I try to find ways to improve based on when I do which types of workouts and how my body reacts.