Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hard morning rides and following the program.

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My weight was up substantial after the weekend but it is correcting itself!

Tuesdays morning ride started out hard out of the gate. We road easy for our usual warm up – NONE. Well, we did ride easy for the first one mile and a quarter. Then Keith took it out hard. He was pulling at around 25 MPH – and this part of the trace is at a very slight incline. Stephen (Purdue) then took his turn at the pull and kept the pace up. Our B-Team group was strung out all over the place. I was blowing up just hanging on.

We regrouped at Epley Station and decided to head towards USM. I had already made up my mind that I would call it quits early. I took a pull at around 23 MPH – I was keeping everything in check so that I would not just completely blow up. Keith then took the lead and he, for once, kept it reasonable – also at about 23 MPH. This was not fast enough for Lance and he passed us like we were standing still. Stephen was on his wheel. They created a substantial gap between Keith and me. Keith picked it up attempting to bridge the gap. I was holding on to dear life at 29 MPH for what felt like minutes. Keith finally gave it up and was not able to bridge. He told me to lead it out and I gave it my all for about half a mile at 28 MPH.

Thoroughly spent I rolled home with 14 miles clocked for the day.

I had a workshop during lunch so that put the kibosh on exercise. When I got home after work I decided to do an easy run. It was hot in the late afternoon and I ran by pace. No heart rate monitor. I pushed out 5 miles at an easy pace. The pace was much slower than I ran my marathon 4 months ago. Being off of your running peak and the added heat and humidity really make a difference. There is no way that I could run a marathon – FAST – right now!

After the run I made myself on of my premade meals and fired up the grill. Since there was a running club meeting last Sunday my grill work did not get accomplished. No worries – I should be set for another week.

On a side note, I seem to have lost my Garmin Heart Rate strap. I had it on the group ride this past Saturday but I have not seen it since. I have some bids on used ones on eBay. Does anyone have an extra one lying around? 


misszippy said...

Serious speed on that ride! Very nice.

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

I would LOVE it if our group get get the warm-up in before ramping up things and hanging on for dear-life. I HATE blowing up my legs right out of the gate.

I "had" an extra garmin strap but it is located in a place I have yet to remember putting it. An ongoing story when it comes to my gear.

Matty O said...

No xtra HR strap here.

Ummmmm those rides scare me dude. I have issues maintaining above 20mph and you ride at 25+

Solid rides. Your poor legs!

Luke said...

I'm with Matty O.........Thats friggin fast.

Emz said...

Even I KNOW that's fast! Awesome!


Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Some serious grinding on that ride James!! Very nice!