Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Big Easy

I survived the Big Easy without incident. The USAT coaching clinic was actually quite good. It reinforced a lot of things and also taught me a few things. I will be going into some of this in greater detail in the next couple of weeks.

So I hitched a ride with a guy named Bill from Atlanta. I am glad that I did – it was a lot more fun roaming around the French Quarter with someone. The day that we arrived was NFL kickoff. The city closed down Decatur for a parade. Not only were there floats and beads and all the regular parade stuff but Dave Mathews was there (as well as Taylor Swift). It was very crowded so I did not get much of an actual view but I was pretty close to one of the jumbo-trons.

I also got a bit of a run in a couple of nights after class. Nothing structured but just trying to keep up a little fitness. On Saturday night Bill, another classmate Mark and I went to eat in the French Quarter. I had a wonderfully delicious Muffalatta. Wow – talk about good. As we were heading back to the room for some homework we passed by Café Du monde. Bill said that he had not had a beignet before. So we had to stop. We only order 1 serving (3 beignets) and Mark got a coffee.

It was about 10 PM and the café was not crowded at all. However, up came an older bald guy with a tall Latin woman on his arm. She had huge fake boobs just popping out of her dress. She approached our table and with a perky thick accent (I’m from Mex-He-Co) and said that she had never had a beignet. She took the one from Mark’s hand. She took a big bite. Then she said she needed a little drink and picked up Marks coffee and took a sip. They talked and flirted with us for a few minutes. Boy, you could smell the alcohol.

As they walked away one of the workers at the Café asked if we should tell the guy that he was with a man. Wow – you have to love NOLA!


Jon said...

Ur killing me here talking about beignets! I am thinking about doing New Orleans again next April just to eat myself to recovery.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Funny story about the drag queen!

Can't wait to hear about the info garnered from the classes!

Angie Bee said...

I have never been but would love to go to New Orleans some day. Its silly I guess but I have been a huge Anne Rice fan for years and have this lovely image of that city from her books.
The sultry creepy feel :)
Looking forward to reading about the classes.

Ron said...

LOL....is there going to be a post about the clinic? I am considering taking one myself and wondering what I would get out of it.

Julie said...

My sister used to live in New Orleans and God I miss visitng the French Quarter! This was a funny post....Mex-He-Co:) Fun times filled with a little drama!

Matty O said...

hahaha, I was sitting here wondering what the picture had to do with your post... then at the end, wham! haha.

I think you would be an AWESOME coach. Can't wait to hear what you took away from the course!

Ryan said...

I've had a beignet... but never a man :-)

I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the USAT clinic.

Have you/are you going to looking into bike fitting?

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

OMG....beignets...possibly my favorite thing in the world. (I'm very thankful they are only good while hot, otherwise I would cart home boxes of beignets each time)

Jennifer said...

I love Café Du monde! Not for the coffee but I love the beignets. Sounds like your coaching class was a great success!