Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cooler temps in the deep south

It only took one day. And the weather here in Mississippi turned from summer to fall. This week as seen lows in the low 50’s and highs in the mid 80’s. It really does not get any better than that. I rode into work on Wednesday for Adult Swim. I had to dress a little bit differently. I wore a new pair of bibs (the pair with the hole in them really is relegated to the trainer), a long sleeved performance type shirt, a cycling jersey, and my usual fingerless gloves and – for the first time in months, socks.

Every year I remember the coming of fall and the dropping temperatures but I forget how they feel. Sure, I know low 50’s are nothing to most of the country but … I hate it when my feet get cold on the bike. It is funny I can run with frozen feet but on the bike it is miserable. I ran a half marathon last January in shorts and a performance top- the temperature was 23 degrees. My feet were numb for most of the run and they hurt. After the race the awards ceremony was in a park. The ground was frozen (we had a really cold winter down South last year) and feet never warmed up. They hurt but not like they hurt on the bike.

My feet did not get cold on my ride to Adult Swim but it brought unpleasant memories of past winters. I dug around the bike closet and I have already pulled put the toe covers and the neoprene full booties. I will be ready for cooler temperatures.

I also have come to the conclusion that I need to get on an off season training plan. Although I am having fun my volume has not decided – it has just diversified. I am playing racquet sports, swim with the Adult Swim, cycling with the group and a little bit of group running. I am also still doing two-a-days almost every day with a three-a-day still in the mix. My body is telling me it needs a break but without the plan I am having trouble figuring what to cut. It is time to put pen (pencil) to paper and work out MY goals and just chart it out. It is time to become run focused for my marathon build.

Well, I guess it will have to wait until after this weekend. There will be a lot of swim / bike / run.


Caratunk Girl said...

I hear you on needing the plan.

Ever try booties over the shoes? Or wool socks with the bottom cut out for your cleats if you want to be cheap like me. Helps a lot. I bike in the AM here sometimes in the spring and it is COLD. Booties helped a TON. Also I don't know if you have toe warmers in Mississippi, but you put those babies in your bike shoes and that with booties it is WARM.

misszippy said...

I second what Mandy says on the booties--they are worth the investment.

Smart move to get out the pen/paper and get moving with your plans. And take on off season!

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

James - I am so enjoying the cooler temps. However I agree with you about the bike. I was just in a Performance Bikes on Tuesday looking for the bootie things. Of course they were not in yet? I heard REI has some so going to head over there this weekend!

Running has been just amazing without the pea soup surrounding us!

Ironman By Thirty said...

A third vote for booties. For the extreme cold/wind/rain, I'll even do: socks, plastic grocery bags, shoes, then booties. The plastic bags work great to break the wind and keep your feet dry. The booties not only add to the insulation, but also hide the plastic bags.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Has anyone ever used those heat pads for shoes? I've seen them at REI and other outdoor's type stores.

lindsay said...

It changed at the drop of a hat here in SC too, but it sure is a welcomed change. I've ever ridden in the winter so I am sure I'm in for a rude awakening!

bryan said...

Hey James! Good stuff! MO didn't have much of a "Break In" period to Fall either.

Through the years, I've become more and more accepting of my indoor trainer. I don't like to be cold!!

Jennifer said...

I love my toe covers. But then again I am a bit of a bike wimp in winter, I'll go into December but if we have another January like we did, the trainer will be ready. This weather is great, I am in heaven!

jodie said...

To Patrick, one of my graduate students has tried the heat pads in her hiking boots out at our field site. They did not get a great review from her. Apparently they were shifting around and then creating some uncomfortable spots on her feet. But we walk around alot on uneven ground out there, so maybe on the bike this wouldn't be as much of an issue.