Thursday, November 4, 2010

Great Barrier Reef -

After the run along the beach we changed into our swimsuits and boarded the boat. It was about 2 hours of very rough water until we arrived at the first reef. There was quite a bit of sea sickness going around – Joe, Francie and Daniel had some trouble. They were very green. The boat was really tossing around.

They had wetsuits and stinger suits that you could wear. Since this is the early part of the season the suits were optional. I decided to wear the stinger suit anyway. The wind was pretty strong and it was a little bit chilly. We jumped in and explored the reef. We would hit three locations. The reef was spectacular. This is something that I have always wanted to do. I used to always have saltwater aquariums and I actually worked at a saltwater fish hatchery raising clown fish, and Banghi Cardinals, and neon gobies. It reef was awesome!

parrot fish

lots of coral

self portrait

Self portrait

Lots 'o fish

Self portrait

bald spot!

another one

Other sites on the reef were these people. I wanted to point out in particular this guy’s shorts. Wow – that screams 1988!

Wow - check out the wayfareres

I also had a chat with this guy – Professional Beach Volley Ball player and gold medal winner Phil Dalhausser.

In other news – Qantas has grounded its entire fleet of Airbus A380’s! The engine on one of them kind of exploded. I am pretty happy that my return flight is on a 747 – there should be no delays for me.


Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Awesome scenery! Wow!

Did ya see any sharks on the reefs?

Those were Jamz weren't they?

Runners Fuel said...

So awesome! Very jealous!

lindsay said...


"look at the fish"
"look at the coral"
"zoom in on other guys rear end"

Barbie said...

Those shots are just spectaular and yes you had me laughing - fish, me, coral, Great underwater camera work.

travellermimi said...

So you played beach volleyball after the reef tour. Fantastic!!!..I also wanna met Phil. he is an amazing player.

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