Saturday, December 25, 2010

TRX suspension trainer - anchor installation

I have been intrigued by suspension training for some time. I have read countless reviews and looked at the many workout routines. That is what I do; I research everything – many times. So I have been looking at the TRX suspension training system for about a year. I have wanted to have an effective core workout that would also be easy to setup and take down as well as be portable. You see, the university is closed for the holidays. In the past this has meant very two weeks of only cardio exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I love my bike and run but I am a firm believer in strength training; especially over the holidays. I do have a full set of hex dumbbells and also a lot of Olympic weights; however, I got rid of my weight bench years ago. It was too hard to have a permanent, dedicated space for the exercise equipment. The TRX suspension training system should allow for me to get an effective workout and allow for me to store all of the gear in a very compact case. I plan on doing a full review of the TRX over the next month – stay tuned.

Over the course of my research I did find several people who have made their own suspension training systems. Some looked down right dangerous and the ones that were the most effective – after trial and error – became rather expensive themselves. I like to construct my own tools and toys, but I knew that it would be easy to be bogged down in the process. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the legitimate product – I bought the TRX PRO PACK (with door anchor) - see the link below if you are interested.

First, I needed a place to suspend this thing. You can put it just about anywhere. I actually have a park pretty close to the house (Jackson Station) with chin up bars – this would be ideal. I also ordered a door anchor so that I can use it in the house, however, I do not have a door in my living room. I could also do the exercises in my office / workout room but I would have to clean up the floor. There is already a bike on the trainer and two more against the walls. With the computer desk and book shelves, the space is getting cramped.

I decided to do the TRX in the garage. TRX sells an anchor point on their website but it is rather expensive (just like the TRX system itself). I thought I could probably fashion the same type of device for much cheaper. I went to the local big box hardware store. In the pickup truck section of the store with the tie down straps I found an anchor point that would do the job. It was $10. With the necessary bolts and washers the total price was about $11. I also bought a small rug from the same hardware store to put on the ground in the garage. I am also going to set up an old TV with DVD player in the garage. I will be able to use the bike on the rollers in this same workout space.

I watched the TRX video last night and I am pretty pumped to give it a try.

I just happen to have connections with the Fat Man and I knew this would
be under the tree.  It was time for a little DIY in the garage.

The ceiling anchor - max weight 3,666 lbs.  I think it will work.

(Note:  My ceiling is not pink) - As you endurance athletes know,
using a stud finder is difficult.  The dang thing seems to be always going off.

The anchor with the first bolt fastened to the ceiling joist.

The actual anchor in the bractet.

Anchor securly attached to the ceiling of the garage.

Full disclosure – if you click the link below and make a purchase I will receive a small commission. I purchased my TRX suspension trainer with my own money. I have not been instructed to give any review positive or negative and have not been compensated for this blog post.

TRX Suspension Training: Deck the home gym.


Andrew said...

I am a big fan of suspension training. There is no better way to isolate leg muscle groups. We own a TRX that stays outside anchored to the back porch stairs. For our group training, I built half a dozen that I use 2x a week. It was nothing more than ski rope and 3/4" pvc pipe. When it is warm enough, we train in a park and I use swingsets. In the winter, I tie off to the ends of bleachers.

Matty O said...

I did a lot of research on the TRX system back last winter. I am interested in what your take on the results were. It was cheaper to do the P90X and make my own pull up bars for Heather and I.

Hope it goes well man!