Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 First Light Half Marathon Race Report–FAIL

“The middle is part of the race” – running legend Jim Coll

As I have mentioned a couple of time, the volume portion of my running plan is over. I have switched to the intensity phase. I had a solid tempo run on Thursday – 6 @ 6:31 pace. That was strong for me. It was a hard effort but not a race effort. My heart rate for this tempo run averaged 174 BPM. For reference, my heart rate at the Steam Whistle 12 (7.45 miles) the prior weekend averaged 176. In addition, at the Ole Man River Half my heart rate also averaged 176 BPM.

So, at the First Light I can only ascertain that I did not want to run fast. My heart rate averaged 170. Not only that but I lost this race in the middle. I had been running hard and losing ground and then just gave it up at about 8. If you look at the chart below I was actually within 9 seconds of my PR race at the Ole Man River at mile 8. However, I felt like I was over extended and fading. This is where I gave up the race.

Chart of running paces at Ole Man River and First Light Halfs.

As you can see, at mile 8 I gave it up.  I though the race was over. 
I just wanted to finish.  I allowed my heart rate to drop. 
I turned this RACE into a training run – FAIL.
Chart of heart rates at Ole Man River and First Light Halfs.

My heart rate does not indicate that I should have felt like
I was running as hard as I thought I was.  The wind did slow the pace,
however, I was simply not running hard enough – FAIL.

I thought that the PR was out the window and I hurting. I had been running into the wind and this had taken a toll. At this point I was caught by my friend Neil. He had started much slower than I.  He had also maintained his paces. After a few miles I regained my composure but was still not running to my abilities. Miles 8, 9 and 10 each hovered around 7 minute miles.

I was able to pick it up a little bit at the end but the PR streak is over. I will have to tabulate how long it lasted but it was at least a half dozen 5k’s, 2 12k’s, 7 half marathons and various other races.

As a proviso, I think I could have run this race smarter and chipped away at my half PR by a few seconds, maybe. However, I really wanted to knock a big chunk off the PR – I wanted a 1:26:20. Oh well, there will be other races. My eye is still on the prize – sub-3 marathon at Mardi Gras. I will have to have a perfect race and the run calculators are still snubbing their noses at me.

Oh yeah, this race is not chip times.  My offical time was 1:30:00 - my Garmin indicated a bit quicker.  It is funny, that would have been a solid race last year but this year it is 10 seconds per mile slower - that is HUGE.


Matty O said...

Interesting. Any thoughts on what went wrong? Going out too hard again?

I am curious because when you train for a PR or a BQ and then it comes down to one race and you miscalculate one item of it, you essentially are setting up for failure.

I too can turn a race into a training run... BUT, when I do it once, it makes the next time I want to do that SOOOO much easier.

Way to stick it out, sub 1:30 is still pretty solid man.

Jon said...

I still think you put up a ROCKING time!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thats still fast to me

Even though you didnt get your PR, you still did the race, still more then most of the population has done this year

misszippy said...

I know its cliche to say it, but...they can't all be where you want them. Sometimes it's those tough races that fuel the fire for next time around.