Friday, January 21, 2011

Hard trainer ride, hard tempo run

After the Masters Swim on Wednesday morning I hit the gym at lunch for a little strength training.  I was resting the legs.


On Thursday I jumped on the trainer.  Since I had a successful trainer session on Monday (2 x 20 minutes @ 85% FTP) I thought I could dial up the intensity.  I was not ready for a big bump in power – not for 20 minutes repeats anyway – but a bump none the less.  I jumped on the trainer and dialed in 3 x 10 minutes @ 95% FTP.    I was able to complete the session.  I was once again successful.  I felt strong.

However, the real workout was the tempo run at lunch.  All morning my legs were tired.  These workouts are challenging.  I enlisted Sam to run with me today.  Hard runs are always easier when when not alone.  I would need the help.


Last Thursdays tempo run I did a similar workout, a harder workout – a 10 miles.  The tempos would be at the same pace (6:50) but only 8 miles.  This would still be a challenging run but I thought it would be more manageable.  It proved difficult.


I needed the push during this tempo run.  I needed the success from this tempo run.  I am still reeling from the poor performance of the First Light Half Marathon and the failed 15 tempo run from last week.  Fortunately I was successful. 


On further analysis on the failed 15 mile tempo run last weekend, I have come to a conclusion.  I failed after 8 or 9 miles on the run.  I was not hurting bad.  My heart rate was not out of control.  I almost got bored.  I just got tired of running.  My pace slowed to slower than my easy pace.  I finished the distance, I had to, I run an out and back course.


So I came to some conclusions.  Now, this is not bragging, but I can knock out a 15 mile run almost any day of the week.  That is, a 15 mile run at a comfortable pace.  That is not the same as a 15 mile run at a hard effort.  On last weekends attempt I had my normal bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.  Nothing more, nothing less. 


I think I bonked on that run.  I was burning more glycogen then usual.  When running slower I burn more fat.  This weekend I am going to run in a more race like setting.  I am going to have the race belt filled with a number of gels.  I believe that I am going to have more success on this weekends run.


TRI714 said...

GOOD LUCK. You are an animal !!

Barbie said...

Nothing worse than setting out for a run and then having nothing to give. I hope your next run (actually I know your next run) will be awesome.