Friday, January 28, 2011

You have been measured and you have been found wanting

Not wanting to add insult to injury I did not do a hard bike session on the trainer.  Instead I opted for a bout with the TRX.  I have still been throwing in a session or two on the TRX.  I think that it will help me in the future.  I have devised a ‘runners workout’ with the suspension trainer that I will share with you in a future post.  Needless to say, just like with my abs – I found many weaknesses in my legs, especially my hamstrings.  Going forward I can’t help but think this will help with injury prevention.

Anyway, prior to the TRX workout I decided to warm up just a little bit with a job in the early morning.  I only ran for a minute.  The leg felt okay – not great but okay.

However, when I tried to do a quick stride I felt the fire.  I backed off immediately and stuff to the strength training.

At the gym at lunch I rode the fancy elliptical again but this time for just a few minutes.  Instead I once again hit the weights and did some chest and back strength training.  I always fall back into the weight run when I rest the legs.  While I want to be better, faster, stronger in the swim / bike / run I also want to keep some lean mass.  I know that as we age we will lose lean muscle mass – but the more you have going in the more you get to keep.

On a side note, we have an eighth of a mile indoor track at the Payne Center here on campus.  I’m not on it often, there are just too many turns.  However, the few times that I have ran on the track the times seemed fast.  In fact, a couple of weeks ago it was very cold and rainy and I actually did a number of my Yasso’s out on the track – nuts I know.  But I was able to hit my marks.  I cut the corners NASCAR style and drifted wide at each turn.  But it was too easy.  Some have speculated that it is because of the completely level surface or the complete lack of wind or the arctic like temperatures on the track.  I needed to know.

We also measured the circumference
of the Coliseum (the basketball stadium)

I borrowed a distance measuring wheel from my good friend Charles and measured each lane.  Sure enough, the track is short.  The only way to get an eighth of a mile is to hug the outside turn; the walking lane.  Where I run it is about 15 feet short and cutting the corners makes it even less.  I have done the math, so for all of you Payne Center runners and walkers, from the third lane you need 33 laps to make 4 miles.

I knew that track was too easy.  I knew it was short.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I have a 1/12 mile lap at my gym

Did you buy the TRX or make it yourself? TRX interests me, but I cant justify the coin to buy it yet, at least to all my race fees are paid for and my gear that needs replaced is bought. Though I seen videos on how to make your own

Matty O said...

:) I LOVE that you went and measured it LOL HAHAHA. I assume they are all short. I only run for time on those if I do it. I actually would RATHER run on a treadmill than that track too because of all the turns. It puts a lot of strain on my hips and knees.

Good luck with recovery. Keep your thoughts positive and don't let any thoughts of this being a weakness to you for your marathon get in your head!

Tri-James said...

Big Daddy -

I looked at building a TRX as well. When I weighed the cost and time to the endeavor I just decided to buy one (with a coupon). It really is a quality piece of equipment. It is so easy to adjust the straps for different exercises. If I had a huge room where I could have 3 different lengths then it would be no problem – but it would then take up more space and cost a lot more.

On a side note, something I was not expecting, the significant other is on the TRX more often than I am – It was a good purchase.

Matty O -

Thanks for the kind words. And I agree - I love a good treadmill interval session (hold pace or fall off); unfortunately the treadmills at the gym are becoming treacherous at speed.

Aimee said...

I'm sorry your leg is still bothering you!
I would love the see your TRX runner's workout!!

What a bummer about the track being short! That sucks! But, at least you know now!

Francine said...

What a sleuth!

Tri-James said...

Aimee -

I’m working on the TRX running workout. I already knew that as runners our hamstrings are notoriously weak. The hamstring curl on the TRX really emphasized this weakness.

I think a ‘runners workout’ could really help me in the long run.

Here is a video of the hamstring curl -

You don’t have to use the TRX – a Swiss ball works as well.

More info on the TRX.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

33 laps for 4 miles...just shot me!