Friday, February 25, 2011

Back on the trainer

I am slowly getting back to normal. I got home from work last night and I felt pretty good. I decided to give the trainer a try. It was an ordeal getting on the bike. I mean, I had to contort myself just to mount the dang thing. It was lifting the leg over the saddle that really tweaked the back.

However, once I was on the bike and my arms in the aero bars I was stabilized and everything felt normal again. I had an easy (pretty easy) 55 minute session dialed in – it would be easy spinning with 3 x 10 minutes at 80 % of FTP. This should keep my heart rate low and the legs moving without having to put too much pressure on the pedals. Not being on my feet in a while, my legs felt tired even from the warm up. However, they soon came around. I was able to finish the session easily – while watching 3 episodes of “cougar town”.  That’s right, I said it – Cougar Town”.

Post ride analysis should that my average heart rate for this session was lower than it has ever been. That definitely is a positive and shows to me that taking a few days off are probably for the best. I will try the trainer again in the next day or so and maybe even jump on the Sunday group ride again.
I will still have to put the running off for a couple more days – the impact is still too jarring. But once I am ready I am going to hit it full force. I have a quick build and peak for Boston already planned – which is only 7 weeks away!

Local news – Dan Kent-Loop (local triathlete, runner, Physical Therapist and all around cool guy) is putting on an Injury Prevention Clinic on March 12th. Check it out here (pdf).



JohnP said...

Cougartown? oh my.

You must have hit your head harder than we thought! Quick, you better get that looked at! lol :)

Way to get back at it!

Tri-James said...

You tend to forget the pain in your legs!

Amber said...

cougar town..... wow. I dont know if I need to read anymore ;)

Austin said...

how in the world do you have a lower than average heart rate while watching three episodes of cougar town?

Tri-James said...

Austin - well played.

Caratunk Girl said...

Hey, I like Cougar Town! LOL @ Austin. Is that weird? Great that you are back at it. I hope that shoulder is healing OK.

Anonymous said...

You need to have the right sense of humor to appreciate the brilliance of Cougar Town. Kudos to you.

Dan worked on my wrist last year after a jiujitsu injury. He is awesome, and I am hoping to make it to his clinic.