Monday, February 28, 2011

Testing the body

As I mentioned last week, when you are not training you have a lot of time on your hands.  You get to sleep a little later.  Stay up a little later.  You take a lot less showers and do a lot less laundry.


1 of 8 – my race bike on the trainer.

There are been a few projects on the white board that have not been getting done.  Well, I can say that the white board is clean.

So, Saturday morning I ran the timing at the Gimme Shelter 5k.  It went off (almost) without a hitch.  The penmanship of one of the athletes (actually her daughter) was less than ideal.  The age should have read 58 and not 38 – anyway, I had to resend the Grand Master’s award – sorry Pam but thanks for being such a good sport.

After the race I decided to put a trailer hitch on my truck.  I had ordered it a week ago, just prior to the bike accident.  Even though the back and shoulder were still hurting I sucked it and crawled under the truck and took care of business.

Later that afternoon, Charles called me and said he was going to ride the bike downtown (beer and pizza).  It was a beautiful day and we had a leisurely ride.  The back and shoulder were fine!

Jodie gave me a ride home later that night.  Oh yeah, Jodie also bought a new commuter bike.  Between the two of us that makes 8 bikes – ouch, I know that seems excessive.  Two of the bikes need to be repurposed.  But that reminds me of the old joke, “What is the correct number of bikes to own?”  Answer:  N + 1.

On Sunday I got up and the back was so much better.  The shoulder seems to have taken a step back but it was time to test the body out.  I laced up the shoes had headed out to the trace.  It was warm and humid – 70’s and the air was thick.  No matter to me I was going to run my 6 miles and see if the body could take it.

I am happy to say that I was successful.  Not my best run but I was able to handle the strain.  I could feel it in my back and I held my shoulder tight to the body but all in all it was a good run.  I finished up the 6 miles in 45:11 @ 7:32 pace.  I probably ran harder than I should have.  The legs felt great.


Plants under the lights – just about ready to be planted

After the run Jodie and I went for a coffee date at the bookstore.  I got caught up on all of the latest running / cycling / triathlon magazines.  After coffee it was time to refinish the front door.  We had bought the supplies weeks ago and no time like the present.  After the door was complete the last item on the whiteboard was to hang a heavy mirror.  Mission accomplished.

Oh yeah, I also won the Burpee Challenge that Andrew at Running Man Wannabe hosted.  I am so glad that I got my sets in prior to the marathon and the bike crash.  Burpees are tough enough when you are not hurting!

I’m trying to think of a challenge of my own.  Something that would test brains, brawn and agility, etc.  Any ideas?


Matty O said...

I would assume your shoulder was in pain due to installing the hitch. I installed one on my old GMC Jimmy and I would have to rest my arms from all the wrenching above my head haha. Refinishing a door doesn't sound like you use your arms/shoulders either (haha).

I would say as long as you weren't swimming yet, you played it smart.

8 Bikes huh? I keep talking Heather out of a new bike, can't fathom having more than one road/triathlon bike at a time.

I will have to think of a challenge... Not sure how you can involve all of that stuff in one challenge.

Keep up the smart recovery. When I am not training is when I get stuff done at home.

jodie said...

8 bikes is almost a perfect number! Just so we don't seem too nuts, one of mine is going to go away. Actually, it's a very nice Giant carbon fiber road bike from 1998, still in great condition (only 2 wrecks and those were both just screw-ups where I just fell over on my side). The gear set needs much love however. Anyone interested?

Papa D said...

When we can not do what we want to do, we do what we need to do. Sounds like me.
Seedlings looking good. Spring soon but I know another freeze or two will come.

Glad most of the body parts are good to go.

Barbie said...

You have 8 bikes, oh that is my dream. Love how you have your seedlings growing.