Monday, March 28, 2011

MS Heat Tri Clinic–Packet pickup

First, let me tell you, this was a world class event!.  If you live anywhere near Jackson and you did not attend you really missed out.  Although most everyone was local to the Jackson area there were people that drove across the country – St. Louis, Atlanta, San Angelo Texas (11 hours).  No one was disappointed.  Check out the Mississippi Heat Tri Club.

I drove up to Jackson Friday afternoon.  There was a local running store that was providing a 25% discount on swim wear.  I though I would take a look.  Google Maps got me to the shopping center but I could not find Stinky Feet.  I would find the shop on Sunday, evidently I drove behind the shop.  Oh well, Courthouse Racquet & Fitness was just down the road.  I got there a little early.

I met several of the coaches and MS Heat members on the pool deck.

Gordo Byrn – pool side

I got my packet and was pleasantly surprised.  I was not even expecting a shirt, really.  With the value of the camp I thought the SWAG would be very limited.  Nope, the sponsors of the MS Heat really came through. 

Technical Tee for the event


Really nice fuel belt


Polar water bottle

Plus tons of coupons, power bars and other information.  In addition to the SWAG in the bag there would be give-a-ways throughout the weekend.  I don’t think anyone went home empty handed.

I had such a great weekend being around so many like minded people.  I have so much to tell you guys but back to the real world.  Time to go to work.  I’ll give you the swim lessons from the PROS tomorrow.

Still jazzed from the awesome weekend I got this email Sunday night-


Don't worry, this is not a request for money from a Nigerian Prince.

You won the Finis Lap Track giveaway on the Enjoy the Ride blog!

Please shoot me your mailing address at your convenience and I'll get it shipped your way.

Congrats, and thanks for helping out some folks in Japan.


Please go check out the blog Enjoy the Ride.  Matt Scott Austin (3 first names – I can relate) really put on a great contest.  He forced me (and a lot of other people) to ‘DO THE RIGHT THING”.  His contest provided extra entries if you made a contribution to a Japan Earthquake charity.

We all have so much but it is easy to get caught up in the day to day.  When people are in need, try to give.  Matt, thank you so much.  Thank you for the cool Finis Lap Tracker.  Thank you for encouraging me to do more.  You made me better.


Jennifer said...

Sounds like a stellar event! Everyone I have ever met from MS Heat has been super nice and really professional, they have a great reputation. Happy to hear you got so much out of it and look forward to hearing more. Cheers!

Gotta Run..... said...

LOVE ME some swag. You hit the jackpot dude!!

Matty O said...

Awesome swag! better than any clinic I have attended, I just get a stinking swim cap LOL.

Can't wait to see the swimming info!

Tri-James said...

Oh yeah, I got a swim cap also...

Michael said...

Sounds like a great event and totally awesome swag! Thanks for the tips on the goggles, those look great for training. I will get a pair for sure!

Ransick said...

Sounds like a good clinic. Thanks for the NOLA water temp link too.