Thursday, March 24, 2011

MS Heat Triathlon Clinic–preview

Did anyone recognize that person on my blog yesterday?  Well it was -


Gordo Byrn

He is just one of the coaches that I will be meeting this weekend.  Another one is “The Predator” Justin Daerr.  You have probably seen this add in all of the triathlon magazines the past couple of years.


Justin Daerr

I will be leaving work early on Friday and driving just up the road to Jackson for the Mississippi Heat Triathlon Clinic.  It will be a long weekend of SWIM / BIKE / RUN. 

It looks like the weather is going to be perfect.  We will be pool swimming Friday night, bike riding (and brick) on Saturday and then long runs on Sunday.  I am very excited.  In addition to the tri clinic I will also be home staying with the head coach for the event – Kendrick Gibson.  I’ve never met the guy but I bet we hit it off!


Some of the highlights of the clinic include:


What it Takes for Swimming Success
Coaches: Kendrick Gibson, Justin Daerr, Gordo Byrn
In-Water Training at the Pool
Coaches: Gordo Byrn and Justin Daerr

There's More to Bike Riding than Simply Riding
Coaches: Kendrick Gibson, Jeff Fejfar, Justin Daerr, Gordo Byrn

Group Ride, by ability levels
Mobile support provided by The Bike Rack.  Aid station provided.
Ride options:  20, 30, 40 miles.
Coaches:  Kendrick Gibson, Justin Daerr, Gordo Byrn
Transition run (BRICK)


Lecture by Gordo Byrn, Secrets of Endurance Success

What's really important for triathlon run training?
Coaches: Kendrick Gibson, Jeff Fejfar, Justin Daerr, Gordo Byrn
Group Run, by ability levels
Aid stations provided.
Run options:  6, 8, or 10 miles.
Coaches:  Kendrick Gibson, Justin Daerr, Gordo Byrn


Training for Half Ironman & Ironman
Justin Daerr

Training for Short Course Races
Gordo Byrn

Long-Course Race Day
Gordo Byrn

Short-Course Race Day
Justin Daerr

Stories from the Pros
Justin Daerr and Gordo Byrn
Dynamic Warmups/Cooldowns and Core Training for Swim/Bike/Run
Kendrick Gibson

How to use training metrics (heart rate, perceived exertion, pace, power)....and how to keep track of it all
Jeff Fejfar

If you have any questions for the coaches just let me know?


Matty O said...

Jealous, sounds like an AWESOME time man.

Can't wait to read the recap :)

Tri4Success said...

Sounds like a great experience - enjoy it!

Papa D said...

Sounds like a great weekend for you. I am sure you will pick the brain of everyone there.
Enjoy the experience.

runnergirl training said...

Exciting!! Have fun!

Caratunk Girl said...

WOW!! That looks awesome. I am so jealous!! I want to go !!!

I expect a full report when you return! :)

Lance said...


Are you the only one going from here or are other people going with you?

Tri-James said...

Just me I think.

Barbie said...

Have an awesome weekend. SOunds like you will learn a tonne.

Ransick said...

Sounds awesome! Thanks for the hydration tips for NOLA too. I'll be adjusting my water/Perform mix based on it.

Lindsay said...

have fun! learn a lot! come back and teach us :) especially me since i have no idea.

Karen said...

So. very. jealous. Video tape the whole thing and post it on your blog. Not to much to ask, right? LOL.