Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trainer breakthroughs

I stayed up a little later than normal because of the poker game.  However, that did not stop me from getting my trainer workout. 


Race bike on the trainer.


I have spent the past two winters training for marathons.  The bike really took a back seat.  Even though the running has improved the past two years (I am a better runner this year than last year even though I did not achieve my goal at the Mardi gras marathon – that is a positive).  However, the bike has been nearly stagnant.  I mean, year over year I am a little better on the bike but I have not experienced big gains. 

That being said, I have tried to make the few rides on the trainer valuable.  They have all had a purpose.  I have dialed in various trainer workouts based on an all out 20 minute effort that I performed in the early fall.  These workouts have consisted of 20 minute, 10 minute and 6 minute efforts.  They have all been challenging. 

Many of these trainer workouts have been failures.  I bit off more than I could chew.  However, since the marathon I have been smashing the trainer.  I dial in the workouts.  There is doubt knowing that I have failed on many of these workouts and then just step up and hit the ball out of the park.  What gives? 

The lack of running, that’s what.  The legs are more rested then they have ever been!  The trainer workouts are clicking like clock work even though the heart rate has been reading low (even while watching ‘Cougar Town’).  I just performed a hard trainer workout and there were zero doubts in my mind that I would be successful.  I have started to ramp up the trainer workouts.  Remember, cycling can help running.

Swimming is still a no go – the shoulder is improving but it seems like I will reach for something out of the blue and BAM – shooting pain.  I work in a secured area.  You have to have a proximity badge to enter the area.  I was leaving the office and thought that I had left my badge.  Well, the door was closing and I turned quickly to grab it before it closed – BAM.  I tweaked the shoulder.  These little things keep setting me back.

On the running front.  I am taking it easy getting back in stride.  With Boston only 7 weeks away I need to ramp up the mileage but I don’t want to aggravate anything.  I planned a super quick build but I have decided to back off a bit.  I don’t need to kill Boston.  This is not the A race (even though I wish I could meet my sub-3 goal on a super hard course – but I know that is unrealistic).  Anyway, I am going to build the mileage back up for the next 5 – 6 weeks and then do a short taper.

I am excited about running Boston.  I hope to meet some you my fellow bloggers while on the run.


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

I was just thinking about Boston this morning as I was running. Wish I would have registered for Boston but who knew it would fill up in 8 hours. Every year that I've done it, I've been able to register whenever, no rush. Oh well, maybe with the new registration rules in place for next year and new qualifying times after that, I will be able to get in.
Great job on the trainer! I agree, it does wonders for the running. Hope that shoulder gets better soon!

JohnP said...

Rest does a body good! Glad to see you're making gains!

Shoulder injuries suck, that takes too much time to heal if you ask me.....

Jill said...

I passed on Boston this year with my heel problems but I think I will miss it, thought I didn't think so at first.

I am starting to get into cycling more and have my bike planted in my living room like you :). I have no idea what is a good workout, I just sit on the thing and peddle, sometimes harder than others. Are there some good DVDs you use? I am bike clueless.

Tri-James said...

People rave about the suffer fest. They are cheap, challenging and downloadable. I also like anything by Robbie Ventura - Real Rides.

But I usually write my own workouts and depending on the intensity either watch TV or turn the lights out, crank up the techno music and just crank out the watts.

The Boring Runner said...

Hmmmm cougar town. Now there is a show that I could mindlessly stare at for a few hours.

Caratunk Girl said...

Hey I am volunteering at Boston, maybe I will see you there! I love a good bike workout.

Matty O said...

Tweaking the shoulder sucks. I often have a lot of injuries from doing construction all summer/weekends with my dad.

The more farting around you do and don't tend to it the longer it takes to heal. Catch 22 buddy.

Solid biking though, I need to start trying to do all out efforts, I need my speed to pick up 3-5mph for the duathlon.

I have some ideas for good workouts, I just have issues doing them because I want my bike where I am running, and to lock it up so it's safe and have a fast transition etc. is difficult. When the weather breaks, I have a sufferfest of my own that I have been waiting to attempt. I will post it when I do it.

Keep the legs moving!