Sunday, March 13, 2011

WIR–March 13, 2011

My running mileage was down for the week.  Anything over 6 miles and my back really acts up for the rest of the day (and the next day).  I was able to successfully run 10 miles on Saturday but it was no where near marathon pace or even my ‘comfortable’ pace from a month ago.  The legs are doing fine. 

I have also noticed that I have great breakthrough cycling workouts on the trainer in the early part of the week.  But as the fatigue (and I am not even training hard right now) builds I can not achieve the high power outputs.  I am going to make a change next week and schedule the high out session in the first part of the week.  I hop to keep continuing to have success.New totals for the week:


SWIM – 0 yards

BIKE – 96.16 miles (+ 10 miles)

RUN – 28.50 miles (- 5.1 miles)

Total time was 9 hours which was all cycling and running.  Absolutely zero swimming and zero strength training.  I am going to attempt to add several hours to both of these activities. 

At the injury prevention clinic last night I got my shoulder taped by Dan.  I also got to run in on the hydro treadmill – I’ll tell you more later in the week.



Matty O said...

Good luck with the swimming this week, I hope that the shoulder treats you well.

Jennifer said...

It was great to see you at the clinic James! All in all I think your doing well after the crash, you look great anyway! Look forward to hear your take on the clinic and i would love to see that video. Did you get ant of me in the pool? Have a great week and thanks for the intel on the stadium, Cheers!

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