Monday, April 4, 2011

Busy weekend

I have failed to finish my MS Heat Tri Clinic report – I will be completing the post this week!

It was a very busy weekend for me.  Friday night I volunteered to help with the timing of a local 5k.  After the race Charles and Scott (2nd in his age group) came by the house to chew the fat (humus and beer).

Saturday brought a 12 mile run with a couple of groups of friends.  Since I am just building mileage I am running just about any pace.  I jumped on with a group for the first 5 and then u-turned and grabbed another five with a second group.  I finished up the 12 miles solo.  It was a good run.  I enjoyed myself.

On Saturday afternoon Charles came by the house on the bike.  We rode downtown for the Zoo Blues fest.  Going to town by bike is the best.  We met up with Scott and Terry and headed over to the Keg & Barrel for dinner.  Jodie was waiting for me.  We had a good time and then headed home.

Sunday brought another long run.  This time it was 14 miles by myself.  The pace was more consistent (8 minute miles).  At the turn around I checked myself.  I thought about just adding 1 more mile – to make the run a 16 miler.  I have gotten in trouble in the past by ‘feeling good’ and tacking on mileage.  I made a commitment with myself years ago.  At the turn around I stick to the plan.  If still feel good when I am back home then I can add mileage.  This almost never happens.  This forces me to stick to the plan.

After the run I was able to successfully finish up my taxes.  This allowed for me to take a huge item off of my to-do- list!  Yeah.  A little later in the afternoon we had an officers meeting for the Pine belt Pacers.  Lots of good talk and eats. 

Finally this morning after riding the trainer I had to take the clock back.  It was a full weekend.



Building volume to get myself back on track has been fun.  Even though I have run 40 miles in 4 days the legs feel fine.  I am sure that I could not push the pace very long but for the most part they are absorbing the volume.  Two weeks to Boston and even though it is not my ‘A’ race I am hoping for some super compensation!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Holy Cow!! I can view your blog at work!! I read the whole series of Gordo Byrn, He has a huge reason how I got into the sport, I have that book too, my personally favorite coach to follow, though I am bias, if ou care to hear how I learned about him, let me know, its kinda cool

Matty O said...

Nice job building the volume James. I am a firm believer that a lot of the bodies success is spent merely from "time on your feet". I don't think pace is a huge factor anymore (well, not as much as I used to).

I think this summer Heather and I are going to be planning on biking to a lot more places to keep our biking volume up haha. Nice busy weekend!

Anonymous said...

What race are you training for?

Tri-James said...

Shelby - in the sort term (like 2 weeks) it is the Boston Marathon. Then all the local triathlons that I can manage.

Francine said...

Wow, you have been busy!