Thursday, April 14, 2011


Milestones, not mine - this is from my Dad's blog yesterday - yeah, my Dad writes a blog -

My first day at the fitness center was Dec. 14, 2010. That is 4 months to the day on Thursday. Most weeks were 5 days of workouts or 80 sessions.
Last cigarette was Jan. 20 so that is over 80 days smoke free.

Today I got to the center early and got all of my strength and cardio work done prior to class time. Class time was fun and a full house. Kris did work us. Very proud that each set of the push-ups, I did 25 in the 45 sec. time frame. All of the exercises are getting a bit easier for me now. I am ready for the Body Pump but other activities conflict with the time. I still enjoy the class and it is a good workout. I am not bored but just seems like the next step. We'll see how things work out.

Very proud of both of these milestones.
From smoking in the lazy boy to kick ass and smoke free in 4 months.  Dad, we are all proud of you!

I left the conmmet -

Remember, after the 25 pushups you have to jump and pound the chest with your fist - just like I taught ya.

Love you dad.


dawn said...

that is so great! way to go James' dad! a true inspiration!

Papa D said...

After the 2nd set of pushups, i did not have much left for the chest pounding but I did whisper "Is that all you got".

Have a Super time in Boston and enjoy experience. So proud of you.

Matty O said...

Amazing! Your dad really is kicking butt! (get it cigarette butt????, yeah that was a lame joke).

Now you guys have to sign up for a relay together :)

Keep up the good work Mr. Daniels, those were two amazing milestones you have met!

Tri-James said...

I did whisper "Is that all you got".

I love it!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

That is awesome!!!

Nelly said...

Awesome job to your Dad! That is great!

Papa D said...

Thanks guys for the positive comments. Coming from folks that really workout, it means even more.

I am most proud of kicking the smokes after 50 years.
Day by day we all meet another milestone so keep on working.

Lindsay said...

That's so awesome! Congrats to Papa D and keep up the good work :)

James, I'm sorry I missed you this weekend! I had a sign with your name on it though... Hopefully I still get an A for effort?