Friday, April 1, 2011

Product Testing

Lindsey at Chasing the Kenyans turned my on to Reebok product testing a few months ago.  The first pair of shoes I received were these blue trail runners.  They ended up being some pretty cool shoes.  They were light weight and very flexible.  I put a lot of miles on these shoes.

Now the new shoes are not runners but they are ultra light weight.  I need to wear these about 20 hours a week for the next month.  They might become my style.

I have not forgot about the final day of the MS Heat Tri clinic – just work and everything has been busy.  I have more to tell regarding the run!


Matty O said...

I don't picture you sporting those LOUD shoes haha. Love the new shoe designs lately with the flexibility and free feeling when you are wearing them.

Those white sneakers look like tennis shoes haha. I like them.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Wow do those shoes look flexible!

Lindsay said...

i like the blue ones! glad you are getting cool stuff. hope you like some/most of it :)

(they always send me boring black stuff. everyone else seems to get the funky stuff)

Donna said...

I really love those blue shoes! I've always wanted to buy myself some really extreme looking running shoes, but until I'm faster I just won't allow it. Hmmmm, maybe that'll be my next goal!