Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer time has returned.

I was in Boston all last week. The temperatures were what I would describe as chilly. I wore a sweater most days and when I ran outside I wore long sleeves. Back in Mississippi the start of summer has arrived. This weekend the temperatures were in the high 80’s This week they will be in the low 90’s.

These first few weeks of hot weather is when you suffer the most. On Saturday, after travelling all day, I performed a brick. It was a 28 mile bike at a solid effort followed by a 4 mile run. The bike was tough but the run was very difficult. I run most of my tempos according to pace. However, I do look at my heart rate. I was running at my LT heart rate but my pace was barely faster than my ‘comfortable’ pace.

Some of this was because it was a brick but most of this was because it was hot and I have not acclimated to the change in temperature. After a little bit of research I learned that your body acclimates to heat by increasing your blood volume - Read more here.

During this run I ran into Sam, local fast guy. We talked for a few minutes and then parted ways. I am not sure but I did not notice the deer fly's until after he left. I think he did the transfer on me (click here).


Matty O said...

we just started getting nice weather up here. Finally.

AND, all of the bugs have begun to annoy us already. Deer flies are more in August for us, but man are they a pain!!

Evolving Through Running said...

Loving the return of the heat. Figuring we've got a couple weeks of nice Spring weather in the Carolinas before we hit 340% humidity. Sweat is your friend.

Didn't realize that increased blood volume was part of acclimation. Have always heard about thicker blood in cold and thinner blood to deal with heat, but didn't realize the volume changed. Interesting read.

Tri4Success said...

I had a similar experience on a short "jog" this weekend. My pace was in the normal range but the HR was way up. Intense heat, strong winds, and a number of hills (exploring with a random route). It worked me as much as a race even though I set out on an easy jog. Definitely need some time to acclimate. No problems on the bike though, I'm fine with heat there.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Haha. He pulled the transfer! How slick.

And yeah, the heat does a number of your body during the adjustment. But hang in there. You know well enough that you'll adjust and be just fine.

jodie said...

The deerfly switch-a-roo is rampant at my study site!

Kim said...

chily? it's been like a heat wave up here :) i run in a tee every day!

Nelly said...

I have a lot of respect for you training in the heat and humidity of Louisiana, that heat is brutal down there!