Thursday, June 2, 2011

A heat wave for The Heat Wave

I always like to look over my past races to learn from my experiences.  This will be the fourth time that I have raced the Heat Wave.  Last year was rough and I have thought a lot about it. 

I ran past him but before long I had to stop on the side of the trail. I was making those puking noises and starting to gag a little. I bent over and a stream of hot brown liquid ejected from my mouth. It was short and sweet. I jumped back on the trail as I apologized to the racers around me.

You can read more of that glorious race report here.  Also, from that same series of posts I developed my pre-race check list with photographs – here.

Now for this years race it will be hot again, go figure.  With a name like The Heat Wave you had better expect it! 

This morning I did a hard 3 mile tempo in my new race shoes.  This was the fourth time that I have worn them.  And the second time without socks.  While running hard in the third mile I started to develop so hot spot.  Yep, I got a small blister on each foot.  I am going to evaluate it further to determine if I will wear them during the race – a 10k might be too much to bear.


Matty O said...

I remember reading your race report last year haha.

Man, I very rarely get blisters from the shoes, I don't typically run barefoot though, a lot of triathletes put a ton of powder in the shoes, I assume to help with rubbing. Just a thought.