Friday, June 3, 2011

Open water swimming in the pool

If you remember, there was a fire at the university pool about 2 months ago.  It took forever before it was ready to be re-opened.  I guess some of the stuff that went up in flames was hazardous (scuba equipment) and the clean required a special crew.


But, the pool reopened on Tuesday.  So with the open water swimming at this past memorial day’s Brick Nic and the swimming this week at the pool, I have had 4 swim sessions.

When I went swimming in the pool on Tuesday day I noticed a chop in the water.  The lane dividers were not present.  New ones are on order.

Even though few people were in the pool it was like open water swimming.  The water was rough.  Someone a couple of lanes over was doing kick drills and each time we passed each other I could feel their wake.

Not only has the pool reopened but Master’s Swim has started back up.  I am excited about the classes.  Why?  For out summer session the class time is noon – 1PM!  How cool is that?  No more crawling out of bed at 5AM to jump in the pool.  In fact, I am already at the gym during those times anyway.  And jumping in the pool is a heck of a lot smarter than running the trace in heat advisory weather.

Although I have not been swimming much I still have a base comfort level.  I’m not going to win the swim but I will be able to swim a solid race and set up for a good bike and run.

Yep, heat advisories all week leading up to the Heat Wave triathlon.  Just like we like it!  (Although the conditions will be hot I believe the swim will be rather smooth.  The weather has been constant all week.  Hopefully no pukie awards this year! – race report from last year – thanks Big Daddy Diesel)

Now the question, is 5 days of swimming enough to offset 8 weeks on dry land?  I


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good luck at the race, Pukies suck, but the award "sorta makes the feeling ok"

Caratunk Girl said...

Good luck at the race. Sounds HOT!

My race tomorrow is my 2nd OWS since Sept, but I have been able to get to the pool some. What happened at your pool is crazy, btw!