Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Racing shoe prep

I decided to do the Wool Market Duathlon the night before.  I had purchased a new pair of racing shoes last month but I had only worn them once.

The shoes that I purchased were the Avia Avi Bolt II.  This is a light weight cushioned race shoe with a set of built in speed laces.  There was only one problem – the speed laces were much too long.  When I wore them the other day I just tucked the laces under.  But I did not want to do this during a race.  So I made some adjustments.

Laces too long

I laced the shoes to the appropriate snugness and tied a knot

I cut the ends off of the laces

Then I singed the ends of the laces so that they would not fray

The finished product

So I wore these shoes in the duathlon (with socks).  Both runs were very hard and intense and I never once thought about the shoes.  I can’t think of a much higher review than that!


FYI – we conducted another TT on Tuesday.  The results can be found here:  Hub City Cyclist.


Lindsay said...

Fancy shoes! I'm impressed that you got a pic of the match ... Or maybe it took 10 tries :) why are laces on racing flats so much longer?

Matty O said...

How did your turnover (cadence) feel? First time I wore my racing flats I felt FAST and light.

They hurt my feet for longer distances though, needed cushioning I guess.