Saturday, June 11, 2011

Recovery and more swimming

I have been away from the blog a bit this week. It is not that nothing has been going on. It took a couple of days to recover from the Heat Wave. I guess the intensity compounded with the heat took a lot out of me. In addition, I did the group ride the day after the race and it became, well, spirited in the heat. A few of us suffered out in the sun of Southern Mississippi. I was able to hold my own but I certainly didn’t take any pulls.

On the racing front I am officially signed up for the Dragonfly next weekend and the Sunfish in a few more weeks!

But the real reason that I have not blogged is that I just completed the second full week of Master’s Swim.

I haven’t been able to lift my arms!


Miguel Vieira said...

Hi James, just found your blog but will follow from now on. Great stuff you have here.