Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tour de France–rider via Twitter

Have you been following the Tour de France?  This is one of the most exciting tours that I have ever witnessed!  There really are several riders that can win the race.

On top of that it is the most interactive Tour de France ever.  Have you been following the riders via twitter?  I have.

I put together a twitter list of some of my favorites – basso, tommyd, zabriskie, horner, contador, big george, bruyneel, eki, christianVDV, frank and andy, Cav (on of the best on twitter), phil liggett, levi, cancellara and of course Jens !

You can follow all of these riders here -


Anonymous said...

LOVE the tour-so exciting those guys are freaking studs.

Love that Voeckler kept his jersey through stage 18-what a FIGHT he is putting up!

Nelly said...

This year for the first time in a while I didn't tune into the tour during the first week - but I started watching from then on. I like watching the mountain stages the most, the fireworks are always fun to watch. Not sure when the Col du Galibier stage is, but I heard there is snow on the summit! crazy!

This tour has definitely had a ton of crashes it seems like, much more than usual.

Fat for a Triathlete said...

Go Cadel!

Ransick said...

been watching the tour on DVR just about every night. DVR is the way to go with all the commercials.

Jennifer said...

No twittering here. No cable either. But I did purchase the all access pass and it has been the best $24 ever spent. The VOD is clean, clear and I can watch anytime, not a single commercial, I love being able to rewind and scan ahead. Andy is poised to jump on it!

Francine said...

Aussie, Aussie Aussie, Oy, Oy, Oy. Cadel will bring the TDF to Oz!

Nelly said...

Alright, I realize that my comment yesterday made no sense, because Col du Galibier stage was yesterday!

That was an amazing stage, with spectacular scenery and fireworks on the race course. What a ride by Schleck - bummer that he lost some of his advantage near the end, but he still rode amazing. That is why the Col du Galibier is always my favorite stage of the Tour de France.