Monday, July 18, 2011

Ankle better–check, back to running

I stayed off of the run all week, since I turned my ankle last Sunday while trail running.  In addition to the turned ankle I got a crick in my neck last Tuesday.  Well, the only day that I ran was when I was shooting some video – watch the video here.  I ran less than 100 yards on the swollen ankle and the stiff neck.  We must be bobble heads while we run.  That little bit of running really tweaked the neck.

Speaking of the video, I really appreciate the comments.  I am not sure how to go about ‘correcting’ my form but I am going to work on it.  My stride reminds me of swimming and crossing the center line.

I gave the ankle and neck 5 days.  I still road the bike trainer but I had not tested the run.

I headed out in a super moist and humid mist on Saturday morning.  I was walking (warming up) to the trace.  I saw Terry L. go by headed towards the trace.  We were not on the same road and he did not see me.  I thought it would be fun to have a quick chat.

With no warm up to speak of I tried to bridge the gap and catch up with Terry.  He was running low 7’s so this required a good effort on my part.  I was able to close the distance. When I got close he could hear footsteps and slowed a little bit.  We chewed the fat for a mile or so and then Terry headed back.  He was at mile 5 of his 10 mile run.

I decided to continue to keep the pace fast.  I had to run in the high 6’s to catch Terry and the ankle had not protested.  The neck was not a problem either.  The pace ended up being the problem.  I ended up with 3.5 mile at speed (about 7:05 pace).

I then had to take a break.  I came to a halt and walked for a quarter mile.  I ran easy for the 3.25 mile home.

All in all it was a good first run of the week – 7 mile with 3.5 of them fast.

I would get another 10 miles on Sunday morning – all of them comfortable.  Throw in a raining 30 on the bike and it was a pretty good weekend. 

The ankle still shows some slight swelling but it is very minor at this point.  The neck is still somewhat of an issue.


Caratunk Girl said...

Glad the ankle is better!

Scott Cannon said...

Wow, I think the ankle really is better. It must have been rough not being able to be as active for the last 5 days, but it was important to give yourself time to heal. Hope the neck discomfort resolves soon.

Ransick said...

Glad the ankle is better. Cricks in the neck are annoying! I hope it goes away soon.