Friday, November 11, 2011

Cheaha 2.0

Two years ago a group of us left Mississippi to ride the hills of Cheaha (East Central Alabama in the Talladega National Forest).  We had a great time climbing up and down Cheaha mountain.

Two years later, I would say everyone is a better rider.  This will definitely be a test.  Also, I have tried to get everyone to sign up with Stava (there is a free and paid version – I’m just using the free version).  This is the social networking riding / running website.  You upload your GPS files.  You can compare your ride against others.  I uploaded my files from two years ago.  On the main climb up Cheaha, which someone has named Cheaha Cat 3, I am ranked 6th out of 17.  I was not the first in our group up the mountain.  It will interesting to see how we compare this year.

The segment, Cheaha Cat 3, is listed at 2.1 miles, @ 7.1 % average grade.  It will be fun to see how everyone stacks up this weekend.





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