Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cheaha KOM challenge–The Drive Up

The Cheaha KOM challenge was a lot of fun this past weekend. Seven of us total drove up from Hattiesburg to a cabin located on Lake Wedowee on the Eastern side of Alabama. Five of us were from the original crew two years ago and two were fresh blood.


One group, the younger guys, left Friday morning early in the morning. They wanted to get a ride in before the weekend. We, the older guys, left just after lunch. We did not want a ride before the weekend. I almost treated Friday as a mini-taper. I did not want tired legs prior to the big climbs.

If you recall, we all live in Southern Mississippi where you have to find the hills. We also ride a lot on the Longleaf trace, which is a 41-mile rails-to-trails (rails-to-trails means FLAT). The hills would be a challenge.

The younger guys did indeed get a ride in before we arrived. This cabin on the lake is quite beautiful and there are many activities to occupy ones time, there is a pool table. So, after a long drive and seven guys in a cabin, what do you do? Well, you challenge each other to every possible test of strength.

I am glad there were few photographs of the chin up test, the arm wrestling, the plank off (yeah, kind of embarrassed about that one) or the box jump competitions. I am happy to say that I think I won the chin-ups and the plank off. I was an also ran in the arm wrestling – I really had no chance on that one.

I did not participate in the box jump competition. I am not sure how my better judgment prevailed but I was merely a spectator. The competition started with some easy jumps on an ice chest. I could have done that jump. However, it quickly escalated to the kitchen counter top. I think it was a standard counter top of 30 inches. But, like most kitchens, there were cabinets over these counter tops. This was an impossible box jump, at least to me. That did not prevent others from attempting the effort.

We had a fall. Ouch, someone landed on their tailbone and that mercifully ended the box jumping. Playing pool would be the extent of the competitions for the rest of the night.

We would be up early for the Cheaha KOM challenge.


TriMOEngr said...

Beautiful scenery. Sounds like a lot of male bonding. Fun!