Saturday, November 19, 2011

New sock drawer

Last month I cleaned out all of the shoes from my closet (you can read more here – House Cleaning)  I am happy to say that I got rid of a dozen pairs of shoes.  To be fair, regardless of how the shoes looked some were quite old.  It is just hard to get rid of them.  I guess you really can have too many pairs of ‘mowing the lawn’ shoes.

I was getting ready for a run this morning and opened my sock drawer.  I looked at all of the running socks.  Some were looking pretty tattered.  I closed the drawer.  I needed some help this morning.  I opened up my ‘new sock’ drawer.  It is funny, even though I run a fair amount of miles without socks (the whole triathlon thing – see Summer Feet) I really do like nice running socks. 

I like new socks so much that hold back 1 pair every time I get a pack of socks.  I put this new pair in my night stand.  It is my emergency pair of running socks.  That pair is always there.

I think it is a scarcity thing, it is  a security thing if you will.  I always know that I have at least one new pair of socks.  I use that pair for extra motivation for a race or a particularly challenging session.  Wearing new socks helps me meet my goals.  I will put that one pair of socks into rotation when I buy another pack of socks.  I just really like having the safety pair of socks.

A lot of my socks have been worn thin, threadbare.  With marathon season once again upon us I decided to stock up. 

I still have the safety sock in the night stand but I also have a ‘new sock’ drawer.  These will slowly make it into rotation (I did put one pair back into the night stand).


I don’t see a problem here (23 pairs).


TriMOEngr said...

Jealous. I only have 3 pairs of running socks and they aren't new. Good for you to do all that housecleaning.

runnergirl training said...

haha Love it!

Lindsay said...

i did finally make myself throw out all the socks with a hole in them - no matter how small. my sock drawer was overflowing and i couldn't shut it so they just had to go!