Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shamrock 5k–no PR

I was asked to bring the clock to a local 5k this past Sunday. I think I have timed about 14 events this year. But this event was different. They only wanted the clock. They were going to handle the timing.

So I thought, why not, I’ll go ahead and race this 5k. These races are not my favorite and in fact, I have not raced a 5k since March 2009 (I looked it up). That race was on the trace and I got a PR – 19:09. In fact, I have a great average for PR’s – it is way up there at 90 – 95%. I can only think of 2 races that I have not PR’d in the past 5 years – one was a half marathon and the other was a full marathon (I’m throwing Boston out of this summary because I was hurt, factored collar bone and well, it is Boston). So I have a good batting average. It is only because I do not race often. Since that last 5k I have raced about 10 half marathons, a 25k, a 30k and a full marathon – plus 20ish triathlons including a full ironman.

But I usually get a PR. So I decided to do this 5k on a whim. And guess what? No PR. I missed it by 10 seconds. I was a little deflated but I can chock it up to a couple of reasons. These are not excuses – I did not get a PR – but they are reasons. I do believe that I am a faster runner.

  • I went out too f’ing fast (sub-6)  and faded hard
  • ZERO taper. I ran 9 miles the previous day
  • PLUS started marathon training this week (bunch of miles)
  • Still recovering from Cheaha bike riding (read more)
  • HOT for November – it was 30 degrees earlier in the week
  • Hilly (compared to my PR race on the trace)
  • 21 turns – damn tangents


21 turns, count’m

I won my age group (bunch of gift cards and a candle!!!). I had a good race.

This race has got me back into the racing mood. Bring on the halfs!


Papa D said...

Did you pull out a new pair of socks ?

TriMOEngr said...

Hey - a podium is a podium. I'd take it! I'm still building up to running a 5K (instead of walking most of it). My Pie Run tomorrow is super flat and the weather is supposed to cooperate so maybe I can get my PR down by a min or two (not as hard when your PR is 42 min for a 5K).

it's all about pace said...

nice racing James... 5Ks hurt... I do one a year


Donna said...

It was an....interesting...race. Had to utilize really gross porta-potties prior to race (Payne Center closed...), out of cups at first water stop, out of water at the finish, no post race carbs - yeah, I know you probably didn't need them but us slow folks kind of did. Managed to finish but dripping with sweat and didn't even place...which I might have if they had included the Grandmasters division instead of just Masters and awards had gone three deep instead of just two. Definitely not my favorite race, but since money went to a good cause, I guess I should stop complaining.