Monday, February 20, 2012

Changing Priorities

As you know, I have been nursing a mild injury the past few weeks. This has forced me to rethink my sub-3 hour marathon goals. I just do not believe that it is possible to put forth that effort considering that I have not been able to run farther than 11.5 miles in the past month.


However, what has happened is that I have reduced my run volume in half and an unexpected thing has happened. I mean, it makes complete since but my body has absorbed all of those long, hard efforts and bounced back with speed. I have been running faster than ever this past month.

The Yasso’s are faster and the tempos are faster. There just have not been any long runs. I ran a 10 miler this past weekend at 8 seconds per mile faster than my half marathon PR time. This run was faster than my 12K PR (7.45 miles). And the last 2 miles were in the 6-teens (6:15, 6:16).

I won’t be getting a marathon PR but I am going to PR at the half marathon in NOLA.


Robbie said...

Maybe you needed to give your body that "distance" rest. Sounds like your speed is increasing well. Hope you're back up to normal soon.

Matty O said...

Are you running the marathon then and just pushing hard effort for 13.1 or are you just signing up for the 13.1?

The volume always crushed me speed. Glad the body is rebounding nicely!

Tri-James said...

Just the half - reducing my volume has crippled my run endurance. Sure, I could do a marathon but it would not be my best and the recovery would be substantial. I think I 'can' crush a half marathon if the weather participates.