Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lite running preparing for the 5k

I did some quarter mile intervals yesterday at lunch at just under a 6:00 mile pace. I got a total of 10 miles in for the day (easy 6 in the morning - hard 4 at lunch).

I had fun in the pool this morning with a really easy and quick workout. Just a 250 yard warm up followed my 10 x 100 yards with 20 seconds rest. These were all in the 1:33 - 1:35 second range. In retrospect I really was not pushing very much. That is near my average last week for 1000 yards with no rest. Anyway, followed it up with an easy 250 yard cool down. I was just trying to practice my head position during this swim. I have swim class tonight.

Ran an easy 4 miles on the trace and borrowed a GPS watch from Vic to calculate the approximate 5k start and finish for the race on Saturday. I was right on with my guess last week. Did lots of abs after the run. I will probably be a little sore tomorrow.


Ryan said...

I better get my butt on the track if I am going to keep up in KY. I would love to run any distance sub 6 minute...even a couple of feet.

Marci said...

Bring on the speed... why don't ya! Great job :)