Sunday, April 24, 2011

WIR–April 23, 2011

Volume wise a pretty low week but I did run the Boston Marathon on Monday.  A wicked pissah of a race.

Painted on the ground at the Boston Marathon start line.

TIME 9:00 hours 
SWIM – 1500 yards
BIKE – 64 miles
RUN – 34.2 (marathon + 2 four mile runs)
STRENGTH – 0 minutes

I ran the marathon on Monday.  Travelled on Tuesday.  Rode the trainer easily on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Got a swim in on Wednesday.  And recovery runs on Thursday and Saturday.


Ransick said...

Good for you getting 64 miles in on the bike this week after running Boston Monday.

Pretend this is real said...

I think you're allowed to take is easy after Boston. We'll forgive you. ;) Great job!

Michael said...

I think you are due a recovery week after a me crazy!